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Son of a Witch, part deux May 24, 2007

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BBC this week:

  • May 26
  • 10:30
  • Scooter Joe’s (croissant as big as your head)
  • Read up to ”The Emperor Apostle”.  If you have my book, that means stop at the bottom of 201.

 See you there! 


Where did everyone go?? May 15, 2007

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Kelly and Ant met and had a grand old BBC meeting.  We didn’t decide where we should read to next, nor where we should meet.  It occurs to me we might have an equally lackluster turnout for next week.

The bride and groom will be getting ready for their wedding.  Most likely won’t be at BBC.

The sister of the bride will be getting ready for the the wedding.  Most likely won’t be at BBC.

Sam has disappeared off the face of the planet.

Joel has made his feelings on SoaW clear.

Not sure where everyone else will be, but maybe we should skip the 19th and meet again on the 26th with about half the book under our collective belts?  How about we read up to “The Emperor Apostle”?  If you have my book, that means stop at the bottom of 201.

 – Ant


Son of a Witch 5/12/07 May 10, 2007

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Hope everyone enjoyed the Grizzly Man. Very interesting movie, and it makes McCandless look perfectly sane!!

This week we are meeting at Penn Street Perk. I don’t have the book right now and those that did, never responded to my inquiry about where to read to. So please post a good stopping point!

1300 Pennsylvania Street, Suite 101
Denver, CO


Movie Night – Grizzly Man 5.4.07 May 2, 2007

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If you missed last Saturday you still have a chance to participate in the conversation at this weeks movie night.

Everyone that came had a great time discussing Into the Wild. We talked about:
Whether we felt McCandless respected the land.
Did overconfidence play a role in his death.
Whether we are planners or risk-takers (and subsquently the balance of the two personality types).
What were his reasons in going out West.
Why he seemed to “hate” his parents so much.

So this Friday we had discussed watching Grizzly Man. I will not be able to host movie night…so if anyone wants to volunteer that would be great. Don’t worry about providing food and drink, just a tv and some chairs. I can even provide the movie. If no one posts to volunteer then I guess we will reconvene on May 12th and begin reading Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire.