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Merry Christmas! December 20, 2006

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First of all I would like to thank Kelly for letting us come over and make a mess of her lovely kitchen. I think everyone had a good time and it was very interesting to see what books were exchanged.

As was mentioned before we will not be meeting until January 6th and by then you need to have finished The Thirteenth Tale. Hopefully no one will go through withdrawal from being away from BBC (but I have to admit that it makes me sad to not be meeting up for 2 whole weeks!)

I truely hope that everyone has a great Christmas and New Years and that you find some time to read. Does anyone have books they plan on reading over the Holidays?


BBC Christmas Party December 13, 2006

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More “barely” than “book club”

This week we started the Thirteenth Tale, and it’s already interesting, even if we didn’t have a lot to talk about. Or maybe that’s just because there is a majority group at BBC, and they aren’t the ones who are reading the book!

We briefly hit on the author’s comments about reading, and a little bit of confusion about Vida’s letter to Margaret Lea. We also established the fact ther we’re pronouncing it “vee-duh”.

Other than that, there was a confusing game of Chinese Checkers, several rousing rounds of speed Scrabble, more movie discussions, and oh, this is another place to enjoy latte art.

For next week, we’ll meet at Kelly’s for discussion and party. If you’re on the Secret Santa gift exchange bring your (book) gift then. To avoid the stalking of Kelly an Evite will be sent with all the party information. As a matter of public record:
Joel is bringing cinnamon rolls
Kylle is making waffles
Ant will bring a fruit salad
Amie is bringing eggs
April is bringing juice
Kelly is cooking bacon, and has coffee and tea to spare

For the “book club” part of BBC, read the next 100 pages (to the chapter “Gone”). This will be the last book club for the year. Our next meeting will be January 6th.
 – Ant

PS (Sam and Joel) – If you don’t respond to the Evite I’m revoking your Secret Santa gift. Seriously guys for “geniuses” like yourselves I’m sure you can manage to respond to the Evite.


Bye Bye Week December 5, 2006

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Well it’s back to the old reading grind…but let me just say that The Thirteenth Tale is a quick and interesting read. Read to page 99. We will be meeting at Fluid Coffee

 Don’t forget to look for your Secret Santa gift (books only). The party and gift swap will by the 16th.