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Movie Night Recap: Tale of Two Cities November 17, 2008

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Those members of the BBC who missed out on the movie night last night didn’t really miss out on much, except a lot of:

    Cool Ranch Doritos
    Gummi Bears
    “that wasn’t in the book!”
    a lot of imdb trivia such as: Chris Sarandon (Darnay/Carton) was Susan Sarandon’s first husband, and Alice Krige plays Lucie Manette well enough to later become the Borg Queen
    a whole lotta giggling at Gaspard’s fabulously 80s feathered hair (I think that was the character)

It was probably a good recap of the book, but really left so much out and took so many other liberties that we had a hard time taking it too seriously. It was also really slow, so there was plenty of time for visiting, which was nice.

Continuing in our “read it to me” vein, the next meeting of BBC will be the beginning of the Martin Chuzzlewit mini-series at Kylle’s house on the 22nd at 10:30. If you need directions, contact her directly, as we won’t post her address here on the blog.

Kylle — do you want to post a list of things we can bring and then we can sign up?


Yes we are! November 12, 2008

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(a slightly cheesy nod to our President-elect’s campaign slogan)

… meeting this weekend. Come rain or shine or even if we finally get snow, BBC will meet this Saturday, November 15 at 10:30 at Cafe Caliente.

Kylle has taken the time to give us a reading breakdown, and the first chunk was to Chapter 7. However, in looking at the Inspector’s last comment on the previous entry, it looks like we might be farther along than that. Thus, I’m opting for Chunk #2 and telling you to read to Chapter 13.

For future meetings, here is the breakdown so you can stay current, even if a blog entry isn’t posted early in the week:
To Chapter 7
To Chapter 13
To Chapter 20
To Chapter 28
To Chapter 36
To Chapter 44
To Chapter 50
To The End

And to discuss at BBC this week:
If everyone is in town this week, we could watch Tale of Two Cities (finally) at my (Ant’s) house Sun, Tues, Wed, or Thurs.