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We are NOT meeting this week. April 5, 2007

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Post from Ant:
Just Ant and IL today, but we actually talked about the book.¬† A good time was had by all ūüôā

There was speculation on whether or not all the loose ends will be tied up at the end of the books or not.¬† Or, even if it’s not a nice, neat package, if we’ll at least understand¬†anything of the individual stories at all …¬†like the children, the plane that may or may not have been a plane, etc.

We talked about how the military inquiry into the episode with the children was dropped after the letter the teacher wrote, and whether or not Nakata seems to be a little smarter the longer he’s away from his home.¬† At minimum, he’s definitely not saying how dumb he is as much anymore.¬† We both chuckled at the short bit on feminism (where Oshima revealed his/her true self), but also wondered why the author chose only that one scenario to talk about feminism in the whole book.¬† An odd choice, we agreed.

There was also a very brief discussion (by Ant’s car) about all the boy characters we’ve read recently — Kafka in this one, Oskar in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and also Life of Pi.¬† Another commonality of these books is the whole “did that really happen” phenomenon.¬† We didn’t come to any conclusions; just found it intriguing.

We’re suggesting that perhaps BBC not meet on April 7, give everyone a chance to the finish the book, and close it up on on April 14.¬† However everyone wants to work it is fine with today’s 2 attendees; neither of us can be there on the 7th.

It was a beautiful sunny day in downtown Denver, with road construction (or something) everywhere.  Looking forward to finishing this book, and hopefully figuring it all out.

¬†— Ant

So what do you think? Should we meet this week or not?


Staying on the Shore March 30, 2007

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By popular demand we will stretch out finishing Kafka for another week. So this week read to page 253. Let’s meet at 10:30 at Common Grounds downtown.

1601 17th Street
Denver, CO


Welcome to Spring March 22, 2007

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Sorry! Busy week.

Read through chapter25 or page 253. We are meeting at Stella’s at 10:30. I’ll try to get there early and grab some tables in the backish room, or is it frontish? The back of the front…the right hand side facing east…the south side. Whew that coffee house is confusing.


A Little Culture March 13, 2007

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On to the next book¬†from one of Japan’s most unconventional writers. Murakami is often coined¬†in Japan as a¬†“pop” writer. But I doubt he is equivalent to American “pop” writers.

Let’s try out a new coffee place this week. Ink! on the Riverfront. Read to page 104 or Chapter 12.