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Expectantly … February 19, 2009

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It’s time to start Great Expectations. I’m guessing we all have a different copy, but fortunately, this old-fashioned book actually has chapter breaks 🙂 For lack of anything more creative or original, how about if we just start with the first 10 chapters? We can re-adjust if we need to once we’ve read that many.

Let’s meet on Saturday, Feb 28, at Stella’s.

And for anyone who was confused by the last couple of dates I proposed, well, I clearly was too 🙂 My apologies for setting a schedule and then not looking at it again!


Finishing Middlesex February 9, 2009

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For Saturday, February 14, let’s finish Middlesex. Book 4 goes quickly, and hopefully should tie up some loose ends. Since the Inspector will be away, we’ll have a West-Side BBC this week. Is there any place you’ve been dying to try? There’s a possibility of meeting at Ant’s house (will know more later in the week).

For future planning, we had scheduled Edgar Sawtelle next, but the paperback version comes out in June. I’m wondering if we want to re-visit our schedule, or if everyone is ok getting their hands on a hardback or library version and reading it next?

Either way, in keeping with our “week off after finishing” strategy, we won’t meet on Feb 21. We’ll resume meeting on Feb 28 with whatever new book we choose.

As a reminder, the remaining books on our list are:
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
What is the What?
Great Expectations
or Bleak House


Middlesex: Book 3 February 4, 2009

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For Saturday, February 7’s BBC, read through Book three (if you have the paperback copy that’s in stores now, you’ll read through page 397).

Let’s meet at Aviano Coffee — we haven’t been there in ages, and I’m in the mood for some latte art 🙂

See you all at 10:30 (unless the Inspector is volunteering — see comments for info — then we’ll meet at 10:00).

Since at least half of us think the story would be interesting enough in and of itself without the incest factor, let’s explore that a little. I can’t help but wonder if Book 3 will answer that question.