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American Pastorale goes to Bed – June 14th June 10, 2008

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This is the last week for American Pastorale. I have to admit that I’m a little behind. As we have discussed in previous meetings, the writing is excellent but the pacing is kind of slow. Does anyone have any suggestions for a meeting place? I’m sort of having coffeehouse block.

The next thing we need to discuss is the upcoming book. We have Emma and the Historian to read, post your vote.

A couple of weeks ago Misc, Ins, and myself discussed the possibility of reading one more book from our queue and then saving the last book for later in order to try another “style” of book club. After watching The Jane Austen Book Club I thought it might be kind of cool to read several (or all) books by one author and compare the styles of his/her work. One suggestion was Charles Dickens, others were mentioned but I can’t remember. Anyway begin to think of an author that you might enjoy reading and we will discuss at the next couple of meetings.

See you…wherever 🙂


American Pastoral…where are we? May 29, 2008

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Hello everyone! My most sincere apologies for the wackiness of me and the blog. But I’m back, husbandless, and have a clean house. We are so very totally meeting this week at…drum roll please…

The Shoppe

This is the cereal/cupcake place that has entranced Ins. One minor sidenote is that is opens at 11:00 am so for once in our illustrious history we will be changing our times and meeting at 11:00. Please read to wherever you want to, until I go home tonight and figure out where we are 🙂
Hope to see you there!
The Shoppe
3103 W. Colfax (between Steele and St. Paul)
Denver, CO


Okay this time we are really going to meet. May 7, 2008

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Seriously guys this week (the 10th) we are going to meet. And if you don’t mind can we meet at the House of Commons? Read up to Part II.

I’m interested in this book because I have no idea what the book is about 🙂

Anyway I hope you can make it!

PS – Scooter Joe’s closed on March 28th…


American Pastoral April 30, 2008

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HELLO!! It’s been forever. Okay like one week.

We are starting American Pastoral by Philip Roth this Saturday. Please read up to Part II The Fall.
Would everyone like to meet at the House of Commons?

Have a great day and welcome to May.


April 22, 2008

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Hello fellow BBCers. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. We had a really great discussion about “How to be Good” on Saturday. Here are some highlights…
– Man writing as a woman, did he use her position in the family to allow him to write more like a man?
– David thought being good was helping the world while the wife (totally just forgot her name) thought being good was being a doctor and helping a few.
– Ant believes the last line of the book ruined the whole novel for her. (I agree).

We are not meeting this weekend so sleep in. Our next book is American Pastoral by Phillip Roth. We also discusses only meeting every other week for the summer. Should that start in May or June? Let me know your thoughts.